How To Reduce Costs and Increase Cash Collections

AccuReg understands the key to improved net patient revenue is to reduce unnecessary costs and increase POS collections. Our market-leading patient access solution EngageCare Provider runs critical revenue cycle functions to eliminate errors and prevent denials while integrating with EngageCare Patient digital intake and engagement solutions to deliver flexibility, convenience and an omnichannel patient and staff experience, all on one platform. As a result, you consolidate systems and vendors—saving time and money for your hospital.

Consolidating systems and vendors into one comprehensive platform delivers maximum value and win-win results for hospitals and patients. You’ll have the intuitive digital tools that improve patient safety, satisfaction and flow, while increasing volume, net revenue and efficiency.

Maximize Net Patient Revenue with EngageCare

  1. Denials and Rework Eliminate unnecessary costs associated with denials and rework. Prevent denials before they happen by investing time and resources in front-end optimization.
  2. Patient Financial Responsibility Collect more patient payments with a front-end solution that alerts your staff to act and provides accurate out-of-pocket cost estimates along with scripting that makes it simple to collect.
  3. Authorizations Avoid authorization claims adjustments and frustrating service delays with AccuReg’s tech-enabled authorization services.
  4. Vendor Consolidation Eliminate the need for multiple systems, vendors and processes by utilizing one comprehensive platform for patient intake, engagement and access.

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Learn More About How We Help Improve Net-Patient Revenue

EngageCare has allowed us to streamline all the functionality by adding a payment processor into the same screen where my colleagues are looking at the payment estimate. As a result, we have increased cash collections 45%.

Sue Plank
Director of Patient Access, Goshen Health