Up to 70% of All Denials Are Front-End-Caused, Predictable and Preventable

While most denials are preventable, detecting hundreds of types of errors and complex, ever-changing payer requirements prior to service is nearly impossible. And as hospitals incorporate more digital intake and engagement solutions that allow patients more control over their personal data entry, it’s critical to protect the revenue cycle front-end from the errors that lead to revenue-draining denials and rework. With an average cost of $118 to rework each claim, hospitals need the protection that an integrated access, intake and engagement platform can provide.

Enable a Consumer-Friendly Experience and Prevent Errors That Cause Denials

Integrating patient access, intake and engagement allows your hospital to give consumers the healthcare experience they want while protecting revenue. Our front-end patient access solutions automatically audit scheduled and registered accounts for specific payment risks, authorization and pre-certification requirements, medical necessity and eligibility and benefits verification. We detect your payers’ denial patterns and alert registrars with instruction to resolve the issues prior to service. Incorporating digital forms, assessments and eSignatures and utilizing scan and OCR technology to quickly upload insurance and credit card information further reduces the chance for human error, saving you time and money.


Up to 70% of all denials are front-end-caused, very predictable, and preventable

Learn More About How We Help Prevent Denials

Standardized Process Automation and Interventional Workflow Error Prevention

AccuReg denials management solutions detect denial patterns to prevent denials:

  • Automatically audits all registrations in real-time for payer-specific, registration-related denials
  • Auto-corrects subscriber data from the payer without user intervention
  • Requests eligibility and benefit data during registration and mapping to service or procedure
  • Continually analyzes historical claim and remit data to predict denial patterns
  • Alerts front-end staff in real-time of process failures with scripted instructions for immediate resolution
  • Escalates staff resolution failures to supervisors for fail-safe intervention before service
  • Automatically assigns training to registrars based on individual error patterns
  • Holds registrars accountable with performance scorecards

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